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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.907 Best money spent on making my sandwiches enjoyable and not a sad disappointment
0.904 I wish I were creative enough to write a masterpiece like this.
0.899 that smile is so sweet :) sleep tight pupper <3
0.896 I don't have a gif for it, but this is the best thing I've seen all day haha
0.893 It's not a bad option, but itd be better to fix them up and rent them out for some nice passive income
0.885 Ive seen Louis ck his standup great didn't care for the show that much I'll check out this ron guy, Trevor Noah has a great standup special on Netflix and Jim Jeffries is decent as well
0.884 lmao are u actually implying BLM is an organization for social good LOL
0.879 You had to really search for the funny viners who were being successful but not total asshats and making their own original funny content.
0.875 He's def taking good care of her lmao
0.869 Good luck being ashy nigga lmao

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.955 Even if he stirred shit up Delta let people yell pro Trump bullshit all threateningly and didn't do shit about it until people got mad.
-0.952 I'm racist, my dog's racist, the sun is racist, water is racist.
-0.937 He just ate people in prison instead of raping them Damn motherfuckers I wasn't going for title game shit.
-0.935 Your mother's been fucked, grandmother's been fucked, and everyone else back to the first amoeba got fucked.
-0.925 deeply disturbing & i wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy.
-0.922 Clinton and Trump for unethical behavior, incompetence, terrible decorum, corruption, and/or bad policies.
-0.919 but alcohol has a lower fusion point, to freeze alcohol you need a much lower temperature, much much lower, people even died by drinking really cold vodka.
-0.898 No, I don't like when you say "shove your nigger dick in my pussy" during sex.
-0.898 If it all seeps into the carpet and it doesn't look bad but smells like a murder victim shit their pants?
-0.897 I can't help but laugh when it's Christians complaining about being oppressed.
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