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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.971 Let's keep being passionate about this technology we love, but let's also remind ourselves that we're all riding this great cryptowave to greater freedom together.
0.933 I can write my name on one hundred million pieces of paper and say I won but Trump still win the presidency and likely the popular vote Also, I'm not bothering to read your replies
0.930 Although the Pirate Parties have some very good ideas, and the people involved in them are generally well-intentioned, they seem to be at heart another leftist party focused on positive rights (eg.
0.916 I don't recall who said it but to paraphrase their wisdom. "Private blockchains are an effective tool for transmitting value from investors to company shareholders.
0.910 Even when he loses, he tries to make it a win. Bitcoin is not a battle he can win and trying to make the loss look like a win wouldn't work out.
0.894 Is it the intelligent adult diplomat, or the child ego who can't let an argument go? A few hours ago I felt you'd both won and we were all better off as a consequence.
0.891 We're certainly well out of revolutionising online content production by cutting out advertising as the best revenue stream for producers. Yay.
0.888 Sean's Outpost comes to mind as an example of a Bitcoin charity that's pretty good about this. (To be clear: I'm not trying to solicit donations for this right now.
0.886 The clip just shows him praising *certain* American libertarian ideals like non-violence and whistle-blower support.
0.883 Definitely using a hardware wallet. > Also, do any of the current hardware wallets support use when running a full node? AFAIK, none of them support it very nicely.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.925 It is fraud. >The reason you belief a legitimate transaction is fraud is the fault of your poor education system. What?
-0.922 Even if no harm is caused, the time to report, analyze and recover from such an event is still a catastrophic risk. Remember these bombs are used by farmers to scare away critters.
-0.893 A paypal dispute is saying, "This seller is trying to scam me, I want my money back" - which is patently false if the only problem is USPS damaged your package.
-0.883 Upon receiving and verifying the fraud proof, the lightweight node can immediately reject that block and all blocks after it as invalid.
-0.856 Under common law if I hurt someone through my actuon, they have a right to be compensated for the injury suffered.
-0.852 Can you pathetic losers do anything but attempt to transplant high school popularity politics onto an anonymous internet board and fail miserably in the process?
-0.851 Other exchanges make it more difficult or have really bad charts or have been hacked over and over.
-0.847 They continue to parade the argument that "There is not some unified totally finished and finalized routing protocol, so Lightning Network is useless!" Well...that argument is nonsense.
-0.844 If your wallet says that transactions do expire, then it is dangerously lying to you, and this could cause you to lose money.
-0.840 > CSS abuse and comment manipulation They often repeat the lie that comments are somehow manipulated, edited, or deleted using CSS.
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