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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.935 Aren't they the most loving and incredibly wonderful beings? So willing to share happiness with you.
0.908 Thanks for posting! Edit: I just remembered the San Diego Zoo has a great breeding program for them, it's awesome what they are doing for them in their native range.
0.901 Crows are breathtakingly incredible in all their talents and ways. They recognize faces and remember who you are. They talk to you. They're so smart. So wonderful to be around!
0.840 BC are both gorgeous and a wonderful moment in my day!
0.807 I thought it was pretty interesting that [they aren't naturally buoyant] unlike sea otters who float easily.
0.778 If the trait negatively impacts the fitness of the animal before breeding age then generally, yes! An interesting example of the caveat of 'before breeding age' is Huntington's Chorea in humans.
0.764 Wow, 4.8 million km is *insane*, that's like circling the earth 120 times!
0.751 http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/6045/ Please post a verifiable source next time, video sources can be tideous to prove, awesome fact though.
0.748 Reminds of [this video], it's mostly a funny video but it also has quite a few nice facts, including the one mentioned in this post!
0.678 /u/IchTanze and /u/Gearski pretty much covered it, but the analogy I like to use is there are plenty of people with tropical birds in Minnesota, but they don't leave them outside in a blizzard.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.840 No no no no no nope
-0.802 My bad, will never blindly copypaste in anger again.
-0.790 Another not so fun fact about bats- millions of bats in north america died from [white nose syndrome].
-0.649 100,000 bats fell dead from the sky during a heatwave in Queensland, Australia in 2014.
-0.649 I will awww, but only because I fear not to. edit:cthulu faced water Eulipotyphyla
-0.631 I'm not advocating for shooting the gulls, but "the correct amount of turtles always survive" is a blatantly wrong statement.
-0.612 That is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen.
-0.599 Always accompanied by the weasel war dance
-0.598 I member, member star wars!
-0.586 Can heatwaves be cruel though?
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