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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.905 I do want to be nipicky, so thank you!! 1) Easy fix, thanks 2) As long as it's valid, I'm happy 3) Unfortunately, I'm not a graphic artist so I can't make that fix.
0.869 This was a great article, thanks for sharing.
0.840 If you are looking for good fonts, Google has a large set with a lot of nice and free to use fonts
0.726 Waving by standing still for 6 minutes ;) Beautiful picture though!
0.718 I'm glad to hear that there are other people who wave :)
0.670 He will be the best!
0.670 The current owner said the telescope was fairly expensive, if that helps. Either way if its not what I suggested, it will be good enough for me.
0.669 Absolutely beautiful shot!
0.659 This is awesome news!
0.659 Great work!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.681 Ill send a pic in a couple days, this weekend ill transport it to my house.
-0.557 That resolution, holy shit.
-0.465 SMH - Winnipeg
-0.402 they got plenty of time until 2018 to fix any problems, dont they?
-0.340 Unfortunately i haven't seen the telescope yet, I pick it up in a few days.
-0.273 29 URLs blocked on that page.
-0.226 This can be confusing with catadioptic designs as the optical elements are designed to fold the lightpath in such a way as to build a long focal length telescope in a compact design.
-0.137 Hello :-) Where are you from? The 5" on EQ2-ish mount isn't as horrible as some other sets in this price-range, but the stability is not good.
-0.077 Thank you, ill look into it soon
0.000 It was colder here this past Thursday and Friday than in Antarctica! Bonus: I only fell on my ass twice Thursday night.
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