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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.962 I can't think of a time my SO bought me a gift that was really for himself, but there was one time I bought him a computer game I found at like Best Buy because it looked like something enjoyable.
0.958 He thinks it's cute, but it bugs me. He also loves my boobs, even though I think they're saggy and I wish they were smaller/perkier. He also likes my butt, which I wish were bigger.
0.951 Nothing I do can really help them other than being support, and I certainly can't start them down the road to getting help, it's always best to disengage and protect myself and wait in the wing.
0.949 Happy hugs, sad hugs, hello hugs, seeya later hugs, all of the hugs.
0.944 I control his pleasure, and God do I love giving him all the pleasure I can.
0.938 Or I'm the big spoon; I get overheated and claustrophobic when I'm the little spoon, but that position is so nice and protective so I love it anyway.
0.935 It seems this is my red flag, I tick most of the ones above but I almost always seem to push friends away. Thanks for this xD
0.929 It works for me but not for everybody and I certainly don't judge anyone for where they find love or good sex.
0.928 Happily, they had a great time since it turned out that these guys, like almost all men, were not rapists.
0.927 I'm glad you now have an irl support network, super happy for you!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.937 Torps have more access to tools of violence, but the base anger and hatred is there for both.
-0.935 If someone wants to kill people with a gun, they can get a gun and kill people. We are starting at a place where there are ~400k guns already in circulation in the US.
-0.927 I am not going to feel bad for not being interested. Handling rejecting that poorly is very immature and i'd end the conversation quickly and leave him to his temper tantrum.
-0.920 My favourite films are Star Wars but damn they are so bad with this.
-0.915 Crippling depression from bullying, and abusive parents.
-0.914 I know divorce rates are skewed and it's not very high at all but to me someone sticking it out till death was such a rarity, even if that death came too early.
-0.913 Reddit's attitude towards any mental illness that's more severe than depression can be really disheartening for me at times.
-0.908 So judging somebody as racist solely based on their political affiliation is a very poor way to actually learn if they are racist.
-0.906 Oh man, when people just send that giant thumbs up instead of replying in Facebook chat, literally the worst, I don't even know why I hate it so much, just seems so mocking.
-0.906 Actually, I do remember that one episode of TBBT that dealt explicitly with racism, and featured a black HR employee, and it was a major plot point that Sheldon was a racist moron to her.
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