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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.979 Not much has changed but we live under water and your great great great granddaughter is pretty fine
0.978 Not anytime soon but it's wonderful being appreciated and wanted, someone who picks you up and makes you laugh just because it makes them feel good to see you happy.
0.977 There is a paid version, but the free ver is pretty good. [Hitman Pro]: An antivirus software with a whole host of awesome features and a 30 day free trial.
0.975 Hey, I'm sure your inbox is totally filled, but if you ever need any help or support when you're feeling down, Our Heroes Dreams is a non profit created by Justin Bond, who is a former veteran.
0.971 I know it goes against the exotic idea but in the end it's your best chance of diffusing a situation without violence one and the safest in case violence does erupt.
0.971 Back when I though "I love you like a love song, baby" was actually "I love you like I love some baby"
0.971 I hope to one day be as close and comfortable with a spouse and I am with this friend. 1 really close friend, not quite on the level of my best friend.
0.970 I'll always love her in that I know I was blessed with the chance to care for someone and express that to them, to make them feel loved and to experience their love back.
0.968 I dunno about ProTools but LMMS is a very nice FL Studio clone https://lmms.io/ For iOS devices, Auxy is pretty great for being completely free too
0.968 The staff is super friendly and helpful, they have a great rewards program and they're super knowledgeable.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.984 Those are Timmys who died, died Those are Timmys who died, died Those are Timmys who died, died Those are Timmys who died, died They were all my friends, and they died
-0.981 You're correct, but the comment you replied to specified a non-violent rape as violent rape has always been illegal.
-0.979 We pick up on his frustration, and start singing "Nate is pissed he's getting pissed HE'S PISSED PISSED PISSED!" Waving hands in his face and everything. I finally lose it.
-0.976 And i used to get bullied for being fat, which was fair enough but when someone blurted out that cancer made me fat it just made them look stupid as cancer made me lose weight.
-0.974 I can understand being upset but I can't understand being so upset that you're screaming and sobbing and angrily arguing with everyone in vicinity because of a few dirty dishes in the sink.
-0.973 People have joked in this thread about not being able to leave vim, but no shit the first time I started emacs, I had to no shit kill the process, because I couldn't figure out how to exit.
-0.973 Like, sure, a gay guy who murdered someone would go to hell but he'd go to hell for murder, not for loving someone.
-0.972 I've been told many times by many people that this list is unhealthy and stupid, but I'd hate to let myself forget how badly I've fucked up sometimes.
-0.971 Violence begets violence, it's men *and women* who are exposed to violence in their formative years that primes them to be abusive and violent.
-0.969 Terrorists, rapists, violent criminals, and abusive people.
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