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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.976 I have a great boyfriend who I run our business with, a great group of employees, a gorgeous house, two amazing dogs, a great group of friends who I know from my gym .
0.965 It's the most blessed and amazing thing to be around intelligent and loving people who are just open hearted, and just overall amazing.
0.958 When I was 17 I was pretty happy taking life really easy, enjoying my new school and hanging out with friends whenever I got the chance.
0.956 The love you shared and the influence she had on you will pop up in day to day love in small ways and remind you of how truly blessed you were to have those years together.
0.953 I can't comment for the rest of Texas, but wow Houstonians are super friendly!
0.951 My dog is fucking awesome, so sweet, loving and loyal
0.949 You get a new friend, who has just as much of a potential to be an awesome friend as a guy. Good luck, man!
0.949 Like seriously, it's awesome, it tastes good, I'm always happy when there's cheesecake in my house because I know I will eat it. Same when I'm in love.
0.948 Her spirit, her generosity and compassion - I've never met someone so kind hearted, so full of life and love as her.
0.946 He was funny and charming and handsome and just a kind, sweet guy.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.972 I guess that if you live in the south of the USA, it might be a bit harder IMO but the fact that their stereotype is being retard and racist as fuck doesn't really help them.
-0.957 Loneliness, depression, self-hatred, and all the other symptoms of childhood abuse were simply because I was a bad person and deserved to suffer.
-0.951 I feel sick all the time when it flares but not like having the flu- an achy, miserable *pulling*. A sharp blow to the junk first involves sharp pain then you feel as I described above.
-0.951 Hail satan fuck bitches hoes faggot ass fat people?????
-0.947 $5000 is nothing compared to picking up a domestic violence assault or terrorist threats charge.
-0.942 The pissing on the floor IN FRONT of the urinal kills me I have stood in piss wearing very expensive shoes cause some ass jockey couldn't aim his teeny wang at a big ass urinal
-0.942 At no point did that comment that triggered this directly mention raping woman and it sure as hell didn't say "all woman deserve to be raped"
-0.941 Now if you were dead I'd probably freak the fuck out and just leave, but I'm just not interested in dead people.
-0.940 I respect the mods but the way this post was written was extremely wrong, insulting, negative, and obviously not designed to take this community to a healthier place.
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