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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.920 Nice, thank you for the interesting link. Funny enough, i believe the French also have a frase something like the "spirit of the pan" for cast iron skillets.
0.904 Well good thing they're one of the best in the world :)
0.848 Man makes great videos and has an awesome farm.
0.827 I just wish they found someone better to compliment Michael Redmond.
0.825 They're both roots, so not sure how that will go over, better have an epi pen at your ready just in case! But I love it, it's an acquired taste, however.
0.823 However, the imitation exists because, all things considered, it is a pretty good imitation of what real wasabi tastes like.
0.807 Thanks for that awesome little bit of info!
0.802 He'd always make everybody super strong coffee in the afternoon.
0.802 He does an amazing job making every video ideal for a newcomer by repeating educational content in a smooth way.
0.790 Well if you wanna watch more you'll realize he's actually quite talented and possesses artistic ability.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.877 That music is possibly the most annoying shitty music i have ever heard in a video, Completely ruins it.
-0.709 And he was one hell of a bowler!
-0.692 After watching the segment on the vulcan I stopped. Its just not funny or entertaining.
-0.681 No need to punish me for that.
-0.633 Hey let's shoot a really technical process video only in extreme close ups so there's no context for anything!
-0.611 Damn those 1mm screws!
-0.599 Exactly where the fuck did you get the idea he was Russian, Seriously i want to know where you got that idea from.
-0.586 He makes good videos but comes off as such an ass.
-0.583 Most likely destroy it.
-0.571 Its utterly disgusting when they squeeze the food and goopy gunk comes out of it...
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