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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.952 I can immediately tell how skilled and brilliant you are at creating such beautiful things - thank you for sharing <3
0.929 Great art, love that 80's vibe that conveys trough his art. Thanks for share!
0.926 If I were you I'd look up some tutorials about composition to help your collages get a clear focal point :) good luck!
0.926 Laughing because /r/the_donald thought he'd win by a landslide, when in reality Hillary won the popular vote.
0.922 This is amazing and wonderful, thanks for sharing.
0.912 Or simple concepts like "he doesn't like people who look like me" that's pretty easy for a kid to grasp.
0.909 Absolutely stunning, a great depiction of one of the most beautiful places on earth.
0.900 That's great, nice picture, amazing!
0.896 Wow yeah I was like if s human free handed this that's.
0.892 awesome thank you :D

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.863 Hate to break it to you but they're fake :/ contacts to change her eye color
-0.852 No one learns shit from you telling them something is bad.
-0.852 "I hate portals...where the hell are we, Roach?"
-0.823 They probably destroyed the city while killing all the humans.
-0.815 For you maybe it's 4 shitty years whatever, for them it's the fact that hate didn't lose, that it's acceptable to think that way, that hate crimes are gonna rise, that they feel unsafe.
-0.802 You could always include it from flower to bud to tiny Apple to big Apple to fallen down to eaten by bugs to rotten to dirt.
-0.801 so dumb your dumb
-0.796 Fear of death is the ultimate reason to do anything.
-0.796 shit bad art
-0.796 but I find the whole "sexy dead woman" trope misogynist as fuck.
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