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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.933 I haven't done any comparisons with honey water or house flies, but that sounds like a super duper fun weekend experiment.
0.925 I beat EVE about a year back, but still would love to attend FanFest at some point, because of all the great things I've heard about Iceland.
0.917 Congrats man, you've made a great choice and I'm sure we're lucky to have you!
0.914 Well it looks pretty cool so I'd say that's a pretty good reason.
0.905 Diluted vinegar is extremely effective in attracting fruit flies at least, because their favorite food smells like vinegar.
0.902 I don't know what I think about this but I have to commend Zaha for convincing some very wealthy people that this should be built.
0.888 We were staying in Nice and we climbed a lot of buildings for views and the top of the aquarium was definitely one of the best we saw that trip.
0.880 Great perspective on this amazing landmark!
0.878 Frank Lloyd Wright is pretty famous as a 20th century architect by anyone's standards, but he was particularly influential in the United States.
0.872 /u/burrgerwolf beat me to it, but /r/interiordesign is great, and if you like to give advice /r/designmyroom.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.863 Man, they should remake "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World" there.
-0.836 The NYC subway system is the ugliest, worst designed, least usable subway I've ever used.
-0.826 That's the roof from the beginning of Dirty Harry, right? EDIT: In other news I completely forgot that Dirty Harry took place in San Francisco, so no, this is not that rooftop.
-0.812 Nothing any more hellish about that than living in any other block.
-0.772 NATO is a mess, NATO is a waste, NATO is a big fat mistake.
-0.755 You are so uninformed, and a victim of misinformation / your own prejudices .
-0.751 Looks like the lair of some evil government from a bad future.
-0.747 Indeed, I'm not a Mormon, but I have no problems with them.
-0.739 Oh, certainly, but all military, espionage, and state commercial activities would have been cut back since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
-0.735 Not fake or gay, just wrong: http://www.carnegiesciencecenter.org/exhibits/miniature-railroad-fallingwater/
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