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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.954 Awesome job!! Would love to see more like this if you want to share =)
0.949 Wow, your collection is impressive, outstanding, and glorious!
0.947 If you like K-On, you'll like Love Live - it's super cute and addicting!
0.944 Never had any broken windows in my 28 years here but also never had two full billy bookcases of anime figures to protect. Not sure if I'd even be able to pack them up in time. Best of luck to you.
0.935 You've done a great job in that time and for your first try too, keep up the good work, and post any more you make on here, I'd love to see them :)
0.935 With all due respect, you and your balcony can **** off in terms of gorgeousness and amazing background for your fabulous figures.
0.934 Wish Gu had more you could do with him, but oh well, he's an extra to an already amazing fig so :)
0.929 Ughhhh I love your room setup - so clean and nice :)
0.926 Id love to see more pictures, really loving the unique designs around your house, those bathrooms are especially sparkly and i adore the garage door, can it automatically open and close?
0.923 Wow, awesome collection and great displays!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.930 It will be violent as a raging fire and as brutal as the unforgiving stone under us.
-0.915 could not agree more, but half bunnies are my first choice, as i have a cat already, and if i caught her cheating on me with it, i'd be furious!
-0.908 I'm seriously heartbroken right now, I took to long to put the money on my paypal and now I'm fucked. I also now have $400 stuck on my paypal and nothing to spend it on..
-0.901 Nope, on Pendleton. was 4 years with a 21 month extension to get opportunities at A&S, but I injured my leg badly before I could go and got to spend 2 years broken.
-0.899 Do you wake up every morning and murder puppies to grow this evil inside you, or were you born this way?
-0.892 edit: oops i saw marika's sunflower but the fact her face is blocked still makes me sad :(
-0.886 I thought we were done getting Kill la Kill figures.
-0.873 Especially without panties this problem is made all the worse you stupid goddess!
-0.867 Poor five, fellow broke collector :C I afford figures by buying resin kit recasts and painting them on my own/buying used figures on Mandarake.
-0.857 I assume this is blasphemy, but I was really disappointed by Spice and Wolf :(
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