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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.852 Or if he's riding me and falling off. If he CAN see the hand he only gives the most adorable boops, taps, and hugs.
0.832 A Great Pyr's level of not giving a fuck is truly spectacular.
0.830 OH MY GOD I LOVE TI-- mom I wanna go home
0.802 Merry Christmas if you celebrate.
0.796 Boston love <3
0.795 Goats are assholes at the best of times but oh so cute!!
0.778 This would be an awesome scene in an action movie "yes i'm on location, readying th.." "PUNDU..
0.771 When I was little, my cat Crowbar absolutely loved being held upside down, cradled like a baby.
0.742 Pretty sure that the badger is the only animal more ruthless, fearless, and completely ignorant of size/power differences.
0.718 Now I still have to hide nutella, bread, and tomato sauce, but he eats normal cat food quite happily.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.910 But the part where Hayden Panettiere's character belittles the danger of the wolverine running out of the house always bugged the living hell out of me. Fuck wendigos.
-0.885 Of all the things I am worried I might run into out in the bush I think these bastards have to be at the top of the list, they are angry as all hell and don't give a shit who/what you are.
-0.856 Or freaking the fuck out because there's a goddamn crocogator 20 feet away.
-0.832 Sufficed to say, No No Bad Squirrel's costumed have been limited to that Christmas outfit and a pirate outfit for Halloween the next year.
-0.791 Fuck That Fuck You
-0.791 If I anticipate the kickaway and move my foot back to disrupt it, he flops around in confused panic.
-0.747 With your manners you are really rude and careless!
-0.735 Everyone's a victim when domesticated violence is involved.
-0.710 It's like when a bully comes from an abusive home.
-0.700 No No Bad Squirrel does have a public Facebook page if you are concerned about his well being.
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