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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.863 Most herders are smart, smart dogs, and they need a lot of stimulation to stay sane and happy.
0.856 My youngest one fell asleep instantly when I laid her on the side with the help of a sidesleeper pillow. I recommend just doing what you feel is best for your baby.
0.836 Fun fact: Cats are actually thought to have domesticated themselves for easier access to food and shelter by offering efficient pest control.
0.817 That is a really beautiful picture of him, I'm glad you have stuff to remember him by!
0.799 I've seen this very recently...I feel like it was probably here on reddit somewhere...super smart dogs and will play for hours!
0.758 Yeah but a good portion of the male chicks are often fed through a shredder after birth, and if the shredder misses them are boiled alive.
0.727 I want my child to be happy and well rested.
0.681 the sweetness is giving me diabetes.
0.660 Sounds like a good lifetime movie.
0.659 You're awesome!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.761 it's depressing as shit, but nature don't care.
-0.743 I honestly miss the days that the worst thing I saw on Reddit was a shitty atheism meme.
-0.727 Day 364: the master saw through my ploy to poison the screaming one.
-0.649 Our dogs would not rest until every single one of those birds was dead.
-0.648 No worries!
-0.626 "Why won't accept my gracious offering?
-0.599 There are several causes for sudden death.
-0.599 My grandmother was a few days from death.
-0.599 I guess that's overrated according to latest studies? Babys can die because of a lot of reasons.
-0.598 So stop making assumptions about my person and stop telling me what's right or wrong because you don't know my children and your view is pretty narrow-minded.
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