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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.984 best descriptions I got: amazing : causing great surprise or wonder : causing amazement grace 3 a : a charming or attractive trait or characteristic b : a pleasing appearance or effect :
0.966 The beak is the best item. Of course, I'll always find a new favorite item like every day. Also love your name, Forgive Durden was great!
0.964 Please please please please please please, pretty pretty please!!
0.957 Awww, well, good to know he felt rich xD honestly that's so cute you should ask him to buy something in Able's for that amount
0.956 Excellent work, I'll pop by in my dreams :D Love the posters and the overall layout is very clean.
0.938 My best friend was a RAmar. It's always funny running into someone else who loved that game!
0.937 Looks pretty great to me! A++ nice job :D
0.937 Personally, I would prefer they take the time to create a really great new game that they're happy with and proud to release rather than quickly trying to shove out a new game to appease some people.
0.935 You wouldn't catch me dead in a skirt in real life, but my character wears cute little dresses with cute hairdos and cute shoes every day.
0.933 You have the talent :D I'd love to own one haha.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.930 It needs to be fixed but I'm so scared to go get a hair cut and hate it more.
-0.913 I absolutely hate my layout but no way in hell would I do that to Isabelle.
-0.893 Fuck you Moose, you're really a mouse. Oh and fuck you Fuscia who refused my crucian carp because it wasn't a plain old carp. What kind of chef brings absolutely no ingredients to a planned event?
-0.856 how to fuck did resetii not win the popularity contest?!
-0.848 I assume OP is talking about the dead patches that happen when you plant a bunch of trees and the middle ones die.
-0.846 The main reason I did it was to see what crap items I would get in return, and thus I had to work my ass off for another hour on that prick, and what's the fucking point?!?
-0.823 These bastards just want to die.
-0.821 I know it's easy to be incensed by someone claiming greater status than they deserve, but this fight really seems futile.
-0.817 I hate sea bass & black bass its a curse!
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