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0.964 I'll check it out, but it'll have to be something pretty amazing to get me to switch from Boost for Reddit which is already practically perfect.
0.959 I'm no engineer, but my understanding is that they are improving batteries, but everytime they do, other features just increase at the same or greater rate so the increase is negligible at best.
0.954 In a time where mainstream flagships are growing more and more homogeneous, it's so fun seeing companies take risks and get creative like this. Also, taking video with this thing looks super fun.
0.949 I'd happily recommend it to anybody, solid phone with good performance, good camera, and a healthy dose of extra features you don't get in Stock android like shipping on the finger print sensor.
0.944 Seems like a great idea. My friends love using instant film and take pictures of them to share.
0.942 Yeah, a few years ago or even recently I had the patience and energy to deal with it since it was actually pretty fun. But at this point, I'm comfortable with fairly mature apps.
0.936 Dual sim is something none of us have thought about yet but is definitely a great feature. Thanks for your input!
0.934 on the bright side, this is a huge opportunity for HTC and other less popular android phones to gain market share.
0.930 Ok, but take your time, the app is awesome anyway :D I can get used to only unlocking my phone with the Power button
0.927 Love love love MyNoise.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.956 It nearly steamrolled iOS after that, but Apple seemed to survive just fine, while BlackBerry died a miserable and lonely death.
-0.949 If that battery is at fault as was/is suspected then it can be purely mechanical failure, possibly with some delay between damage and destructive short circuit.
-0.942 If this fails, choose another package name and upload it under the new name. It's frustrating, I know, but the route of confrontation can go terribly wrong, especially with Google involved.
-0.912 same reason people get fired on Christmas, bosses don't care about anything except hurting the people they hate as much as possible as soon as possible.
-0.908 Their mindset is "get the last shit of the year guys, 1 year old shit is not good you will regret it"
-0.908 I'm not sure how easy it is on iOS, but implementing fingerprint auth on Android is quite a pain and rather scary if you're unfamiliar with encryption.
-0.906 I tried it and its irritating as fuck, so I finally killed it.
-0.905 I understand locking accounts for fraudulent / illegal activity, but locking accounts for no apparent reason and with no way to fix it is ridiculous.
-0.900 They must've lost billions, not to mention sales their going to lose from people thinking Samsung is a bad brand of phone and just a bad brand in general.
-0.899 >Jet Black iPhones didn't win a Best Build spot WTF
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