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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.964 A light weight smartphone that's thin but still has a large screen to play games with is perfect. A skinny girl with a medium sized bubble booty to play games with is perfect as well.
0.942 Apparently when he puts titles like "Beautiful blonde bombshell with perfect tits" he gets comments like "If thats beautiful, every girl I know is a 10!" and "Perfect?
0.923 Great sex, great asshole, great everything actually.
0.920 beautiful gals certainly don't suck dick, sucking dick is gay, amirite?
0.919 They are but guarantee she's young and prolly had the surgery within 2 years so they look pretty nice and old person skin isnt ruining them.
0.910 Or are you one of those all natural, gluten free, sugar free, organic only boob lovers?
0.910 Wow just wow, that is just beautiful
0.899 but seriously wow she is gorgeous!
0.898 I love private cute smiles ;]
0.891 Thanks :) glad some people aren't dick heads

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.919 Cheating themed porn, cheating overly used in hip hop, cheating by government officials, there just no way away from it.
-0.915 I'm not sure if the NSFW subs lately have been brigaded by guys who are assholes, weirdos or men, spiteful, jealous women or both.
-0.888 Shit - if they had Dick implants I'd sign up for a cock with the girth of a damn coffee cup!
-0.876 Sorry man, but those are fake as fuck.
-0.871 Fuck you!!!! I hadn't thought of Bessie in like 48 hours and now here you go talking shit about poor cows.
-0.861 If study buddy is code for FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER. Then..
-0.859 Always begging to be fucked, gyrating as I ate her ass and pussy before pounding her with my cock.
-0.857 Yeah but no girl is gonna sigh at the loss of an itty bitty dick.
-0.828 That face and those tits are a DAMN shame!
-0.827 I need to do laundry - I need to wash my dirty clothes So it sometimes refers to laundry as in dirty clothes and doing laundry as in laundering those dirty clothes.
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