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0.972 Hey I'm still hanging in there, using Alien Blue on both iPad and iPhone, it's not fun but it's still better than using anything else haha Thanks for a great app, cheers!
0.970 Awesome, I'm new to Alien Blue but I like it so I have written a nice review for the New Zealand app store :) Hope it helps!
0.968 Love the new icon, love the updates and fixes, love that reddit now supports this great developer.
0.962 Wow that looks really good very good job guys I really love what you guys do allowing me to surf reddit on my phone I am really thankful.
0.958 Thank you Jason, love love love your work and thanks andyarlo for the intro
0.948 This will encourage innovation beyond the pride and satisfaction app developers feel when creating a great app.
0.946 Support like this is why i BOUGHT the app:D thanks so much for your continual care and support of my most used and favorite app
0.945 *swoons and collapses* thank you good sir for always providing fantastic updates :) AlienBlue Pro is the best app I've ever purchased and the first app I installed on my new iPhone 4S yesterday.
0.941 Wow, amazing news, and good luck to the original dev.
0.935 As the founder of a tech startup, it's so great to hear that talented developers like yourself are rewarded for their efforts.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.891 The wasted screen real estate is a fair criticism. But you're wrong about the layout, Alien Blue's layout and UX is a travesty.
-0.884 In a pathetic attempt to make it look like its loser app, all the functions are FUBAR.
-0.883 I'd try the reddit app again if only they'd get rid of that stupid fucking awful dumb orange thing in the bottom corner.
-0.881 Did you know the fucking wiki takes to you a readable page, but the links take you to the website and that's a pain in the ass to try and read?
-0.881 ITT: people choking to death on the AlienBlue developer's dick.
-0.872 I was forced to last night because my phone was dead, I was so lost.
-0.865 so weird, i accidentally did this last night and had no idea wtf I did to cause that.
-0.864 Needless to say it felt like the longest, most boring, shittiest shit I've taken in the longest time.
-0.857 I wasn't aware it had changed, but for whatever sake we're arguing here, the one on the left just looks unprofessional.
-0.857 Maybe I'm dense, but I can't figure out how to remove a casual subreddit, can someone enlighten my lame ass? Edit: I'm a shithead.
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