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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.969 >It's so great to see all of Reddit celebrating the admins removing them from /r/all. >This is a great day for Reddit and a great day for social justice and progressivism.
0.967 Good one, OP. To be honest I'm laughing more because I don't feel guilty for laughing about a paralyzed person, so thanks for sharing.
0.960 God bless capitalism, god bless the free market! No commie countries have ever invented innovative and groundbreaking forms of entertainment and fun of this nature.
0.938 > Google helping to ensure you're the nominee ... > many people in this country won't even verify information they here from random people Sir, thanks for the laugh, best I had all day.
0.925 Good luck. EDIT: Been watching a lot of super hero TV.
0.923 Not saying there aren't bad days, but loving your career makes work wonderful.
0.922 Had some 9 dollar ramen with really thick noodles, chicken strips, fresh vegetables, an amazing broth, and to top of off like 3-4 halves of a hardboiled egg. It was amazing.
0.920 We have a friend who we say laughs like a seal, and we love it.
0.918 I honestly think that Bernie is too progressive to have beaten Trump but would his supporters have voted for Clinton had she won fair and square?
0.915 Surveys were much better and had a way higher success rate, probably about 80% successes. Credit card sales were soul-sucking work, though.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.950 Having a bad boss that makes you look bad will make finding a new job harder, as it will bite you in the ass with useless or bad references.
-0.937 She is holding you hostage with a threat of violence, even though the threat is to harm herself.
-0.932 people are totally allowed to say awful racist homophobic things, likewise others are allowed to call them out on being awful racist homophobes.
-0.926 The community accepts racism openly, and makes horrible, and profane comments about other races The admins ban me multiple times for no reason and warning.
-0.925 How many black people can zero remaining cops murder? At some point the answer has to be that cops can no longer get away with murdering black people with no consequences.
-0.923 I was or am the most well know person of that community, and gained over a million upvotes there, but now I'm angry and frustrated because of those horrible admins.
-0.922 No discrimination, and no "affirmative action" either. The point is, the more negative attention you bring to bear upon this subject, the worse the problem gets.
-0.919 'Radical Islamic Terrorists' and 'Illegal Immigrants' - Establish a clear source of violence against voter base and exploit their emotions to combat this 'evil'.
-0.915 It's not like I have to try very hard to show how fucked up your views are. Hell, you do half the work.
-0.907 And I frankly don't see a huge difference between stuffing it in a crate to fatten it up a few weeks/months and then kill it, or to just directly kill it after a few days.
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