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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.910 If anyone is interested in the current situation in the Phillipines, the New York Times had a great article with some pretty morbid photography like this.
0.897 I really, really admire someone this dedicated to journalism that they're still taking cool shots with good layout and lighting.
0.891 With the right camera settings, it's not hard to "freeze" any action like this. Although in a low-light setting like a party, it is more impressive.
0.840 /u/openmindedskeptic if you need some help I can write some auto mod stuff for you that will pretty much make eliminate spam and help the sub run infinitely better
0.836 It's a great photo from a absurd event, interesting in its composition as well as the story behind it.
0.768 It's a beautiful picture all right, but not quite fitting of this sub.. I got a bit carried away when I first saw it :P
0.758 Care to enlighten me with the connection/reference?
0.755 Don't feel bad people, poverty is a choice a mindset if you will, so I'm sure it's all his fault for being silly :D Capitalism is good k bb?
0.735 Well that's an amazing coincidence then!
0.735 I don't say this lightly, but this would make a brilliant album cover.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.836 A loss of 2 pints may cause shock, a loss of 5 to 6 pints usually results in death."* I guess in some cases if you lose half your blood you can still live.
-0.832 World War 2 was taken out of context, it was The German War.
-0.802 Also and more simply, I'd guess that if you filmed a Navy SEAL in a high stress situation, you could find a few frames where his grip on the gun wouldn't be picture perfect.
-0.796 [You just flipped an image that was posted here one week ago.] This is a shit post and you should feel bad.
-0.784 Murica is fucked by this normalization of ignorance.
-0.784 I started reading this, but just a few words in, I found myself becoming more and more gay until I stopped and realised the obvious truth: this poster is a faggot.
-0.784 The dudes whole Instagram and Twitter advertise the movies he's in, regardless it's for a child dying with cancer or a funeral.
-0.769 He just opened his stupid fucking mouth and attacked this mother, which by the way, has a bi racial child.
-0.765 He died for our sins
-0.747 Actually fuck it, I don't really care.
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