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0.902 A structure like this would be perfect on the top of my building. Great pic though.
0.878 This is a great picture, thanks for sharing!
0.869 They looked so rich and it's flipping beautiful.
0.813 I love Washington (:
0.790 Loved it! Your channel is one of my favorites.
0.757 I made a video fram visiting this location, hope you guys enjoyed the video!
0.703 This would be better without the shitty filter.
0.699 I absolutely love visiting snoqualmi!
0.670 Got some cool pics, don't have hem on hand at the moment yet.
0.670 Just saved this, took a screenshot of it, hopefully I remember in July.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.758 After 30 years of neglect, some of the buildings are in a bad state - so there's also the rule 'don't go in the buildings'
-0.710 We should hang out and bore each other to death.
-0.700 Damn, sad to see they started tearing it down a few years ago.
-0.649 It would take allot of man hours and allot of waisted money to track down allot for dead ends.
-0.649 They are dead.
-0.620 Very surreal and sad to see the damage from Katrina; it was like going back in time.
-0.586 I mean, if you're not going to use it, give it to someone who will rather than just letting mother nature ruin it.
-0.585 Even then, the mall was in a really bad neighborhood and was all discount stores, nail salons and jewelry stores.
-0.557 Presumably it's illegal to be there too.
-0.550 I went there in the spring, but had the opposite problem.
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