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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.932 I'm sure she wanted someone local to hug and kiss on too so I'm hoping she's happy.
0.928 Is your nose really big? Do you lend money to friends with interest? Have you won a Nobel prize yet?
0.907 Hearing how others think is so amazing to me! Thank you so much for your kind words!
0.900 Happy to share, hopefully others in similar circumstances will see and gain some guidance or insight.
0.869 I honestly hope some of the tax dollars I pay are used to help educate your children and grandchildren, medicate them and make their lives a little better.
0.864 They are both great players in their own right, but I personally like Modric better.
0.856 Zagreb is truly amazing in holiday times, so it offers a lot of options for NYE celebration.
0.848 Homeschooling is great for some kids, not so great for others.
0.846 I guess it's a preferential thing, but i do think mostly pretty attractive.
0.844 As a Creationist, I believe God created the Universe, and that science gives us the best factual information about God's works.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.951 One of the worst things you can say to a depressed person or suicidal person is "I would miss you so much" or "you would hurt so many people".
-0.919 It's just war, rape, car accidents and natural disasters I can't do anything about.
-0.898 Otherwise I'd stick to deep in the woods where my abusive dad couldn't find me, but then I had bigger problems than bad dreams).
-0.891 He's straight up stealing from those with cancer while lying to their faces.
-0.866 The leading cause of death for factory chickens is cancer, anyway, and it's hard to crack down on what they're being fed.
-0.858 So how bad is tentacle rape?
-0.848 Would we drop someone whom has cancer, someone who is blind or disabled?
-0.826 Yes!! Your description of the pain makes me feel so heartbroken.
-0.818 They are suffering from mental illness, which is an illness, not a choice.
-0.812 I grew up in a crappy neighborhood with a really bad school system , and my parents opted to homeschool me. I have a younger sister who was homeschooled until high school.
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