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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.960 ADHD is having that friend clearly but lovingly tell you that your stories are great but please tell me later because I need to focus on the road.
0.956 Well, just like you're happy sharing it for free, some people will be happy paying for it to avoid having to put it together themself or simply just to support you.
0.955 Great great great amazing job!
0.952 I've also had decent success with benadryl and Tylenol PM, but if you have a regular doctor, see if he can help you get something for sleep. Best of luck to you!
0.951 Making your room a haven is definitely a great way to feel productive and accomplished and put yourself in a relaxed, happy state of mind!
0.951 I'm super lucky in that I have not only this subreddit and all you lovely people, but a best friend who also has ADHD.
0.943 She has a very comprehensive, accessible, and entertaining series of videos, it's amazing, and I am grateful for something like this, much like Russel Barkley's series.
0.941 Good luck with your results and I wish you the best :)
0.941 I don't go for the full 400 everyday but I get to 200 regularly and my house looks much nicer so brain feels better. Ok, here's the notebook thing and it really helps me.
0.940 but since I really enjoy watching things like that, and find they engage my mind quite easily for a longer period, it really does work.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.934 My ADHD is so bad, there is no way in hell Ill be able to read that entire thing.
-0.931 I am depressed because of what I have caused, it was not caused due to depression. Sorry for the long read and I know I lose most of you at no fault of your own.
-0.930 Bloody hell it was seriously starting to wreck me deep inside to realize it was all me and all my fault.
-0.929 I obsessively avoided her anger, and I read that's how beating works: it wires you to first avoid the beating.
-0.927 It was a damn belt." Sadly a *lot* of those people also show signs of ADHD that were ignored and ended up ruining their lives because they never learned to cope with a disorder they thought was fake.
-0.917 I felt depressed for a while because I felt so guilty about everything all the time and guilty that I struggled to complete tasks.
-0.911 Eventually I did, but when trying to find the right dose I had a few negative experiences which scared me off of something I already didn't like the idea of.
-0.910 I started noticing that crappy food makes me feel worse; makes my ADHD worse too, and regretting the consumption of said fast/junk food.
-0.907 I employ a part time admin assistant and she's not very good, but I don't want to tell her she's doing things wrong because then she'll hate me.
-0.902 I'd gild you, but I'm broke as hell because of this.
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