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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.967 I don't know anything about this santa cruz thing but I like that map so we are going to have a competition, whoever can make the best meme out of this map will win a prize
0.941 Gotta love playing pranks with your friends like prnaking pol by making it leftist r/4chan what is the best prank you ever made?
0.938 :) thanks for reading about my experience i'm glad you liked it as much as i did, it was a big story xD
0.926 stickied it for you buddy =~) I hope you reach your daily goal and mummy rewards you with something yummy hehe :D
0.914 I like how their ID colours match with the flags :) it seems like a pretty rad way to design a website and attract more users to participate in the discussions.
0.910 congratulations bro, great submission, enjoy your flair!
0.906 good job OP, that crop is so good that if a subway employee saw it they would say, "wow that is a healthy crop, can we buy it so we can turn it into bread?"
0.905 Yeah well I clean my cats box up every week so it doesn't get too bad there so I'm sure I'm not at risk of toxoplasmosis gondii
0.902 I love apples they go especially well with melted vanilla icecream like Apple soup they are very healthy too
0.891 You can thank autistic safety laws. "You need sills high enough to protect occupants from a full on texter, but don't worry about them seeing out, that's NBD"

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.949 How the actual fuck are any of those things "romantic"? Why the fuck would anyone use something as subjective as feelings as a god damn captcha? Fuck this shit I'm out.
-0.925 >it was a Muslim "Islamic terrorism is taking over" >might not have been a Muslim "Germany sucks anyways, I've heard bad things" Also, you realise the US has monthly mass murders, yeah?
-0.920 nigger faggot retard detected
-0.883 When you're reading on mobile, her halfway, accidentally tap the post and it collapses. Fuck collapse comments on mobile
-0.878 I guess I'm surprised no faggot capped the faggot saying that
-0.875 Remember kids, if you're not a liberal progressive like me, you're a fucking fascist nazi bigot racist reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
-0.873 >aesthetic assassin >tfw you're so ugly that you kill aesthetics
-0.866 OP's picture itself made me so irrationally annoyed, scary that we're entrusting our country to them...
-0.855 My sister is so ugly she makes me want to have a sex change so that there is no chance that I would ever be able to have sex with her that's how ugly she is
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