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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.904 I am a pretty big fame of otoge, but this is still a pretty good title despite that.
0.893 I pretty much played pretty safe, I guess.
0.893 Staying true to the original is only worthwhile if the original is actually any good. And what makes you think this has anything to do with personal reasons?
0.874 :) I didn't get very far in the first one, but enjoyed it for the 8-10 hours or so I'd played.
0.869 I would recommend just picking whatever you want on your first and then using a spoiler free guide to help you make the necessary choices to go down every path if it interests you.
0.864 Ah thanks, haven't looked into them much but seems like there were some fun projects
0.861 My friend also just got a refurbished red and black 2ds from NOA, came in great condition, only like 2 scratches on the thumb pad, but other than that good as new!
0.859 They are a great value and I'll buy them as long as they keep selling them :)
0.857 Only sort of related but if this game gets a switch port its going to be a lot easier to play levels, and much harder to create them, even if the console has a touch screen
0.856 I'd love to see a 2-D Metroid game, it would work perfectly on a 3ds.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.854 I've always hated wasting a slot in my party so I could have useless Pokemon with cut or rock smash.
-0.840 There's an official app now, too bad it's bad, like *really* bad.
-0.836 It may just be a pain in the ass to get the refund if the employees are jerks about it.
-0.791 If you are worried about how an infestation can harm your electronics, consider purchasing storage cases for your electronics and placing boric acid in critical areas.
-0.780 Battery being the sore point I always leave the slot open. Is this bad for the console?
-0.778 Resident Evil: Revelations Fire Emblem Birthright
-0.763 I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo banned early-release recipients in hopes of identifying the retailer who broke the release date and pursuing damages.
-0.737 and it's worse in multiplayer... If they were to make Hyrule Warriors for the Switch, this problem would probably not be as prevalent as it is on the 3DS and Wii U...
-0.735 You can park them ahead and have enemy units crash against it.
-0.727 The only thing I dislike is that comparing the Wii U version to this, so much of the yarn detail is lost from the lower resolution.
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