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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.948 The US was a much bigger country and therefore was In total a larger economy, but Great Britain's economy was richer and more profitable.
0.920 I think people figure that if they won the popular vote under the current system they would always win the popular vote if was changed.
0.911 I've read and looked up on it but I guess I just don't know what's so interesting about all of it, but would love to know more
0.909 i think the nazi doctoring only makes it more interesting, definitely a pretty neat piece of history.
0.908 Wilson, champion of the 8-hour working day and opponent of child labor, begins winning the states of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains and West.
0.906 It's celebrating a 100 years of peace between the US and Great Britain.
0.900 I'll try my best to describe it as I understand it. If we went just by the popular vote than whoever has the most votes wins.
0.898 Not like in a two party system where people feel the best way is to not vote because they agree with neither candidate.
0.882 If you think you're in the morally superior side, its very easy to cheer for this stuff.
0.881 Supporters argued that birth control would be used by those who supported the idea of "free love" as many utopian communities did in the 19th century.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.959 My fear is that a desperate, suicidal losing side wouldn't care about what happens after the war.
-0.949 Blaming a country for being invaded is like blaming a rape victim for being raped. "I mean, Poland was just asking for it!
-0.937 So sick of whiney bitches complaining about 2016 when bad stuff and people dying happens *every year*.
-0.923 We got invaded by Germany and soviets, millions of non-Jewish Poles got killed, women got raped, homes, villages and cities got destroyed.
-0.910 Hell, they even pessimistically called it World War One.
-0.909 Man without soul pays the death penalty WTF
-0.900 After this attempt at murder fails, the pair shoot Rasputin and drop his body through the ice of the River Neva, where it will be recovered 2 January.
-0.886 One is by murder and the other by divorce, and even the reformers would prefer divorce to murder.
-0.882 Everyone was racist so racism didnt count.
-0.881 WW1 dragged us into a shit hole we've never been able to climb out of, war debt.
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